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Location Entry Page: AN 2-9 (Ultra)

BLM Comments:

Pipeline went right through burrowing owl burrows. Some russian thistle and alyssum. Generally site looks good, mature sagebrush blends in w adjacent. Lots of C.pepperweed in south edge.  Site appears to be lacking forb density/frequency to meet yr 5 criteria.  Biscuitroot, buckwheat, phlox in adjacent undisturbed R-thistle along edge of active pad and reclamation. Lacking forbs. Site is not showing reproductive capability (noted by Aster Cyn) lacking for forbs.

Disturbed areas of the reclaimed part of the Pad, road and Pipeline, described below.
The following: In 2017 monitoring was conducted, to review the reclamation status on the disturbed and Un-
 No Fencing was found to be around the well pad
During the Monitoring of the area soil was stable with no indications of subsidence, slumping and/or significant erosion 
Noxious or undesirable weeds were present when and recorded at time of Monitoring, (noted bellow) 
Monitoring. Pad / Road And Pipeline seed germination was apparent in the area Site is moving in a positive direction resulting in a satisfactory stand of vegetation over the reclaimed area, (perversely Disturbed) monitoring of the well, road and pipeline will be conducted  in a rotation of  2 years 
The pad was free of trash, no leaks or spills were found, and no unused equipment was on the Pad, the wells were not in an H2s location, no hazards materials were found.
The access Road are in some need of repair.
ALSI8 (Alyssum simplex Rudolphi - alyssum) 
BRTE (Bromus tectorum L. - cheatgrass) 
SAKA (Salsola kali L. - Russina thistle) 
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