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Location Entry Page: AN 1-5 (Ultra)

BLM Comments:

Grasses doing well. Couple of sage, saltbush and winterfat, browsed. Few fringe sage and 2 penstemon. Watch russian thistle tumble weeds going into undisturbed. New reclamation (yr2).
In 2019 a field monitoring was conducted to review the reclamation status on the reclaimed part of the Pad, road and Pipeline, described below.
The following:
Fencing was found to be around the well pad
Site has started too resulted in a satisfactory stand of vegetation over the reclaimed area, and another monitoring of the well, road and pipeline will be in 2 years to monitor the progression of the reclamation.
The pad was free of trash, no leaks or spills were found and no unused equipment on the Pad, the wells were not in an H2s location, no hazards materials were found.
Road are in some need of repair.
Photos were taken RJH

ALSI8 (Alyssum simplex Rudolphi - alyssum) 
BRTE (Bromus tectorum L. - cheatgrass) Treatment in 2019
POAV (Polygonum aviculare L. - prostrate knotweed)
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