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Location Entry Page: M 6-34P (UAE)

BLM Comments:

In 2019 a field monitoring was conducted in Anticline to review the reclamation status on the reclaimed part of the Pads, roads and Pipelines, described below.
The following:
 No fencing was found to be around the pipeline
Site has moved towards a resulted in a satisfactory stand of vegetation over the reclaimed area, ROW did have signs of Undesirable Species, and another monitoring of the ROW will be conducted in 2 years to monitor the progression of the reclaimed area do to Disturbance.
The pipeline was free of trash, no other maintains was conducted to ROW, the Pipeline was not in an H2s location, no hazards materials were found.
No two track were found on ROW.
ALSI8 (Alyssum simplex Rudolphi - alyssum) 
BRTE (Bromus tectorum L. - cheatgrass) Was treated in Oct of 2019
CHAL7 (Chenopodium album L. - lambsquarters) 
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